“American sports: The good, the bad, and the ugly”

Games attended:

  • 01.07.2017 New York City Mets vs Phillies | 5/10
  • 04.09.2017 Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays | 8/10 (The beer was flowing)
  • 12.09.2017 Boston Red Sox vs Oakland Athletics | 7/10
  • 28.09.2017 Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros | 6.6/10
  • 02.10.2017 Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets | 7.5/10

As you can see in my three months here, I have been able to attend quite a few matches. Seen two different sports, three different venues and witness eight different teams of players represent their clubs. To defend these sports, neither have really been things I have followed in the past. I played a bit of basketball at school and tried out for the GCU team (that’s a dark story that we never repeat), but it’s never been a passion. I just thought that because of the massive audience these sports had, they must be insane?

I went to watch the Celtics play, it was strange shouting on Celtic but not the football team. We played the Charlotte Hornets and secured a 94-82 win. I was sitting 26 rows up but you could tell these guys were massive! It was interesting to see that equally to baseball, American sport is fueled by advertisement. During any break there were people trying to win things, doing front flips and cheerleading. That basketball game did not have a dull moment! A game that I presumed would last no more than 48 minutes (4 quarters of twelve) ended up lasting over two hours. Americans… It was a good atmosphere for a pre-season game. However the fans went the most wild when they were chucking free t-shirts into the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I love a freebie myself, but surely Aron Baynes shooting a three pointer is better than a Cherokee Celtics top.

blog 18
Celtics Vs Hornets

When it comes to baseball, it just seems like rounders. It’s so slow that I swear the 100-year-old organ they play at half time goes faster than the players. Nonetheless, the Yanks love it and I can sort of see why. They grab a beer, have a sing-song and a catch up with their pals. However if they attend purely  for the game, they’ve lost me with that one. Funnily enough for a city that apparently doesn’t know loss when it comes to sports, I am yet to see the Red Sox clinch a victory. That being said, many suggest Rangers are indeed the best football team in Glasgow… Hopefully the Red Sox Progress within the year I’m here.

blog 17
Sox Vs Astros
blog 13
Sox Vs Blue Jays
blog 40
Mets vs Phillies
red sox.jpg
Sox Vs Astros

We are hoping to attend a Boston Bruins game when the season starts. This is Boston’s ice hockey team. It’s meant to be a savage sport but really entertaining to watch. Funnily enough the MLS (Major League Soccer) is the cheapest sport to watch in Boston, it’s just really tricky to get to. Boston’s team is the New England Revolution, which I know absolutely zero of their players.

I also have not attended a Patriots game. I am getting the vibe this is the biggest sport out here as even I have heard of their quarter back Tom Brady. The tickets are minimum over $100, but one of the Northeastern members of staff told me a lot of people are giving up their season tickets due to the fact players are bending the knee during the national anthem to protest against police injustice towards minorities. The member of staff told me his friend was in the military for years and found it shocking that the players would not stand during the anthem. Therefore gave up his season pass of twenty years. My opinion may not mirror that of the gentleman who gave up his ticket, but I can agree on one thing. If my club supported something I couldn’t agree with, It would put me in a terrible position. From experience and personal beliefs, your team is so much more than the sport it is part of. It’s something you pride yourself by, something where you learn respect and etiquette. A place to have fun and do something you love with the people who matter most around you. That means when this sport contradicts your personal beliefs it can have such an impact on your life.

I don’t know enough to have a proper opinion, but from what I can see around me, its influencing a lot of people. Even one of my colleagues said to me she couldn’t believe some of her friends on social media’s opinions on the matter. It’s definitely a touchy subject, one that Mr Trump has firmly got a grip on. However, I’ll leave that man for another post.

Thanks for reading!


Patriots players kneel during anthem.


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