“Chug Chug Chug”

You know how they say you miss one bus and two come along? After three months party free in the states, I actually had two parties in one weekend. I must admit, it was quite nice to not have the building anxiety that ultimately I would be turned away at the door of the bar. Those relentless words “You have to be twenty one to drink in the states”. I’ve decided I actually prefer getting rejected by boys over not being served. At least you’re guaranteed a drink from a bar!

Stack it.

Ironically enough, our first venture to an American Party resulted in us leaving the house with about 12 cans and getting to the party with zero. We left the flat to go and meet our friend from Denmark, Fred. He went into the shop and picked himself up some beer (he’s 22 so had no issues). While he was inside we asked him to pick us up a plastic carrier bag (free here woo) as ours had split. When he returned we walked on and Robbie noticed a beer has opened. Being the students we are, there was no way we could let this Corona go to waste, so rather than chuck it, Robbie held it. I already knew this probably wasn’t a good idea, having open beer on the street. Robbie then took a sip and when I say no more than 5 seconds, there was a police officer on us.

He asked me to stop Robbie and then he took us to the side. He was wearing tracksuit bottoms, a red sox hat and Nike trainers. An undercover ‘cop’. I couldn’t believe how young and student like he looked. He pulled out a badge and we just knew we were screwed. He asked my to take my hands out my pockets. Questioned if I was carrying any drink we hadn’t given him. He then asked where we had got our drink, which hilariously was bought for us by our parents when they were over. Robbie however told him and his side-kick it was from duty free. Mix and match beers from duty free. Come on pal, if you’re gonna lie, at least make it a plausible one. 

Poor Fred tried to walk away but he was brought into too. Luckily for us, because we were not Northeastern Students he just confiscated all our drink and took our address and details. After’s with the Popo at our gaff, class. If we had been students, we could have got a criminal record and had to go to classes on how to drink responsibility. If POOR Fred had bought us beer, he would have been sent home. Scary stuff.

american party
Will (Aus), Robbie (Scotland), Tom (USA), Ailsa (Scotland), Sari (Hawaii), Dimity (Aus).

Nonetheless, we went to the party with Fred and our other Australian pals, Dimity, Will and their flat mate Tommy (goes by Tom these days). Instantly it was so American when we walked in. A guy answered the door and had no clue who we were but let us in anyways. Everyone was so unbelievably nice and welcoming. The cold shoulder to new people can often happen at home. However, we were handed beers straight away by my friend Sari from Hawaii and thrown into a game called Stack It.

Stack it/ Slap Cup explained:


Slap Cup is a fast paced competitive drinking game where participants compete individually and try to bounce a pong ball into their cup as quickly as possible.


  • Solo Cups
  • Pong Balls
  • Alcohol


Setting up the game requires a flat surface that players can stand around (a floating square or circle table works best). Grab 20 or so cups and fill them about 1/3 with beer, and then stack them in the center of the table as depicted in the picture.

Leave two empty cups and give them to two players that are standing opposite of each other, along with 1 pong ball each. The game will begin with those two players.


The two solo cup & pong ball combinations are passed after the ball is bounced into the cup. If the ball was bounced in on the first try, that player can pass the ball & cup to a player of their choosing as long as they don’t have the other one. Otherwise, they have to pass the ball & cup to the player on their right.

Drinking Rules

If you and the player to your left are shooting and the player to you left bounces his ball into his cup first, they slap your cup (before you make the ball into it), forcing you to drink (take a drink from the pool in the middle of the table). You then try to bounce your ball into the cup that you just drank from, and the player to your left that slapped your cup passes their ball & cup to the player on your right – they don’t have to wait for you to drink. 

Eventually the cups in the middle of the table run down to the “Death Cup” that has either a full beer the last player to have their cup slapped has to drink this.



Firstly, I had no clue what was going on. Every two seconds someone was telling me to bounce a ball and then drink. Robbie and I couldn’t but help but laugh because of the way the Americans found drinking basically three sips of beer ‘bad’. Throw in a double vodka, a shot of tequila and you’ve got yourself a game back home.

After I played beer pong with one of the Aussies. We were up 5-1 and ended up losing! Its crazy meeting them in Boston and having mutual friends with them back in Sydney. One of the gappies at my school, Jackson has an older brother who is really good friends with Will. It really shows how small the world is!  All of a sudden we got told the police were here and had to evacuate the building. Those bloody cops back again. It wasn’t all bad though because the pizza place next to the flat was still open and I was in bed by 2am. Great Success.


Thanks for reading!


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