With 75 days to go, it would be a lie to say I’m not experiencing some very mixed emotions about heading back to Scotland. The unfamiliarity that was Boston is now becoming my home with memories that will no doubt last me a lifetime. Friendships that have been cultivated leaving me with endless laughs and low times that have made me value what I have on my doorstep back home. When I look forward to my departure from the states and going back to Scotland it just feels the cliche but relevant, bittersweet?

Bittersweet was something I was never able to really grasp until I found myself feeling part of two places at once. For example, I can’t wait to go back to Glasgow and watch Celtic games, but that also means I don’t get to watch the games with the Boston CSC (Celtic supporters club), a group that have become like a family to me since I moved out here. I can’t wait to go back to being a student and weekdays being my own but I’m going to miss that Friday feeling you get after a tough week at work. I can’t wait to go back to (hopefully) working in my old job and seeing all the familiar faces, but I’m going to miss the spontaneity of weekend trips, jumping on a plane or train and seeing somewhere new. Much like nothing is perfect, every cloud has a silver lining but through it all I am excited to see what happens next.

About two weeks ago I spoke to my good friend James about how I couldn’t believe the fact I had three months left. Don’t get me wrong, there has been times were the days and weeks have dragged, especially when you’re missing home, it feels like the end is never in sight. However, it the grand scheme of things it was ten months ago I said goodbye to all my friends and family to board a plane to Boston. It makes me laugh at how easy I thought it was going to be, but the lessons I have learnt from this year and the changes I have made all shape you to become who you are.

It’s crazy how things also stick out in your memories, the way they are said, or how they are told. A vivid moment for me takes me back to last year, when Sir Alex Ferguson came into my university and spoke to us about his career and the challenges that followed success. It’s safe to conclude that within that room, at least 65% were definitely not Man United fans, myself included. If I’m being perfectly honest, Man United is probably my least favourite team in the EPL. However, when that man walked in, there was silence. Unlike the usual bustle in a lecture, where the professor needs to hush the students, Fergie had an established respect from all. It definitely highlighted how much each individual in the room valued the impact he had on the footballing world. Even if it was an ‘F Off’ at the screen when Wayne Rooney slipped home a last minute winner.

“Make a decision, it’s not always the right one, but make it and follow it”.

fergie gcu

Since that moment, I have always tried to follow these words. I don’t know if that makes me feel like I can compare myself to the footballing legend, but nonetheless it seemed like genuine advice. Much like the words of Fergie, my friend James told me something that has stuck with me.

“Say yes to everything, you’ll only regret what you don’t do later”.

me and james
Big James

With a tendency to be quite a calculated person who thinks through every decision head to toe before making it, this advice is something I personally struggle with. I love going for a pint as much as the next person, but I promise you before I say yes there are numerous things I will think about, mainly all the reasons why I shouldn’t go. Will the pint be one? Do I have anything on tomorrow this may effect? How far do I need to run to burn of this pint? Will I get obese for drinking pints? Do I have enough money to buy a round? Will I still have enough money to go on holiday if I go for this pint? Am I an alcoholic?

Honest to god. What a kill joy, but that’s me.


Nonetheless I have promised myself that in my last two months here I will make the most of this experience. I’m not really sure how as the only thing I tend to be adventurous with is travel, but then again, that seems like a pretty good place to start. Next weekend I am going to New York, next month I’m going to Chicago and in June I’m heading to San Francisco. I’ve even got up and sang Karaoke in front of a room of strangers! Who knows, maybe I’ll get a tattoo? Maybe I’ll get a tattoo removed? Maybe I’ll get a pint without thinking of 17 reasons of why not to. Who knows, but it’s all about saying yes.

Let’s just hope my brother doesn’t ask me to get matching hairstyles…

harley quinn
A poor mans Harley Quinn…

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