About me and why I made this blog.

“If you don’t update your blog every two weeks, you will fail your placement, third year and be dropped from the university”. Comforting words from the main man himself, Declan Jones.

To put this in context I will give you some background. My name is Ailsa and I am a third year Business Management student at Glasgow Caledonian University. Currently, I am living In Boston, USA completing a work abroad year at Northeastern University. In my job I mainly work with international students, that English is not their first language. We work with them to get their English level up to Northeastern Undergraduate and master’s level. As part of our evaluation of the year, we are set the task of completing bi-weekly blogs, a report, a reflective essay and a spreadsheet. Not a lot to be asked to do instead of completing third year back in Glasgow.

When Declan told us how vital it was for us to complete our blogs I honestly thought it was going to be such a chore. However I’ve actually found a love for writing and sharing my stories. As much as I try to explain my time on my blog of work, I can’t exactly tell you how shit I am at beer pong, how weird the interaction of the opposite sex is in America and discuss our encounters with the police. (Sorry Declan, Mum and Dad). So from now on, this is my personal blogpost where I will share stories, my thoughts and try and give you some insight into the ups and downs of living in Boston. I might even throw in a bit of Celtic if you’re lucky.